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Here's our pitch...

From June 2002 to July 2017, Darren Finkelstein was the founder and Dealer Principal of St Kilda Boat Sales. Under the new ownership of Michal and Mandy Polan, their business is truly unique because; they sell luxury new and used power boats, they service, they repair, they fuel and they wash all of the boats located at St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour in Melbourne Australia.

They are a true one-stop shop for all things marine, where a complete and pleasurable Boat Ownership experience is the focus.

Their typical clients are the self-employed, retiree’s, senior executives and leading entrepreneurs who are all looking to get out on the water.

As an industry Accredited Boat Dealer/Broker they have long-term fuel contracts with the Water Police and Coast Guard. Every year they service and repair over 300 boats in their fully equipped workshop, by the team of trained mechanics and marine professionals.

In working with that many boats and that many owners, they have realized there are three main problems that exist:

  1. Boat owners are busy people, what they don’t want is a boat soaking up more of their precious time.
  2. Owners don't have the required expertise to problem solve, which makes them nervous about owning a boat. 
  3. Owners hate having to juggle and coordinate all the different marine services on offer. What we’ve found, is that they want to trust just one company to do everything 'boating' for them.


So that’s exactly where they fit in.....

You can trust their team to take the hassle out of boating. Their expertise

 takes all of the worries out of boat ownership. From the time you purchase your boat from them, they even teach you and your family how to drive the boat, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable on the water. They provide ongoing service and repairs so your boat is safe and our regular cleaning and washing service ensures that your boat always looks great and is well-cared for.

The reason They are so passionate about boating is there has NEVER been a better time to get on the water, sharing quality time with family and friends. You know it's all about lifestyle - because life is too short.

You can trust them with your safety; you can rely on them to look after all of your boating needs. They just want you to enjoy quality time connecting with family and friends, so let them take care of the rest.

Their goal is to make their customers feel at ease and excited about boat ownership.
They want your precious time on the water to be both complete and pleasurable.

Both Mandy and Michael and their crew are completely committed to boat ownership after all 'Life Is Better With A Boat'.

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@ St Kilda Marina
Marine Parade,
Elwood Victoria 3184

@ Wyndham Harbour
Shop 4 - Promenade
50 Quay Boulevard,
Werribee South Victoria 3030


Michael Polan 0409-800 523
Mandy Polan 0418-520 879