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In 2002 Darren underwent the full 'sea-change’, walked away from a high profile career at Apple during the wonderfully inspiring Steve Jobs era and vowed to never return to a ‘real job’ within corporate Australia.

He then went on a journey to make boating his profession. 

Considered as an industry expert, he has an active media presence. You will often hear him on radio, watch him on TV, view his video blogs, read his articles or watch him on the international stage at boat shows, corporate and lifestyle events. His energy for boating and zest for life is contagious, attracting many to discover the joys of boat ownership and living life to the fullest.

You can access Darren's pool of experience and wonderful insight in different ways, here's just a few.....








1>   HIRE Darren to speak at your next event.

Top 10 popular speaking topics include;

  1. Boating Discovery Sessions 
  2. Places To Go Boating - My Top 20 Victorian boating destinations 
  3. Falling in love with your business (again). How to reignite the passion?
  4. Boat buying secrets uncovered (Buy well and buy safe)
  5. Reconnecting (getting the kids off the computer and into the outdoors)
  6. It's all about lifestyle (Stop working so hard)
  7. Finding your voice (marketing to make a difference)
  8. Apple Stories (Darren shares his experience of 10 years, pre and post Steve Jobs)
  9. Genuine sea-change - from corporate suit to shorts (my journey from corporate IT exectuive to The Boat Guy) 
  10. Everyone has a story to tell (Self-publish to leverage your business)

2.>   ENGAGE DARREN TO write a guest blog or an article for your online or print publications.

Darren has written many articles and guest blogs for a number of publications (print and online) accross a broad spectrum of industry including; The Weekend Australian, CEO Magazine, Smallville, Gold Coast Bulletin, Queensland Mining & Energy Magazine, The Retiree, Over Fifties and Trade-A-Boat. 

ASK ABOUT HIS CONSULTING and trailored business mentoring program.

When it comes to doing business we all reach a point where we need help. You might need advice regarding a tough decision that you have to make, solve a recurring problem once and for all, or work through a specific business strategy that you'd like to implement.

Other people are looking for more substantial guidance and help with their business, perhaps to overcome a significant challenge, capitalise on an opportunity, or even to launch a brand new business concept.

Times like these, a business owner can really benefit from having a personal mentor. I have spent many years helping people to work through situations like these – and now you can take up the opportunity to have me on your team too.

Alternatively, one-on-one private coaching sessions and other supportive programs to business owners and their boards. This service is offered right across a variety of industries and businesses, many of which are outside the marine industry.

4.>  Darren is great on video and IN WEBINARS!
He can pre-record a message tailored to suit your audience.

Darren makes it easy to do business:

  • He's engaging
  • He understands deadlines 
  • He'll work with you, to meet your objectives.

Contact Darren by email to discuss your specific needs.